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If you haven’t heard already, let's take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of our Signature Cubcoats pack: Sao the Sloth! Sao loves to take things slow. Slow cooking, slow living, being comfy, and enjoying the little things in life...

You probably guessed it, Sao loves to take things slow. Slow cooking, slow living, being comfy, and enjoying the little things in life are what this sloth is all about. So we would like to take this opportunity to talk about the little details of our Cubcoats that add up to a big difference.

1. Proud Winner of the National Parenting Product Awards Two Years in a Row!

Cubcoats are mommy and daddy approved and mindfully designed to keep both kiddos and parents happy.

2. Premium Ethically Sourced Materials

Every Cubcoat is made with respect to the environment as well as people who put the magic together.

3. Super Soft, Hypo-Allergenic Fleece Fabric

We want everyone to be able to cuddle up with a Cubcoat! Our material is ultra soft, vegan, and contains no added allergens.

4. Custom Jersey Marl Design

Each Cubcoat hoodie is a blend of two different knitted fabrics, for a more dynamic color effect.

5. Internationally Tested to 1000 Washes

Cubcoats are meant for play, sleep, wear, and tear. You can feel comfortable throwing in the washer and knowing they will come out just like new.

6. Signature Silicon Cubcoats Zipper Puller

Every Cubcoat comes with our signature silicon zipper that is not only stylish, but safe for children of all ages.

We hope you know that no matter which Cubcoats character you choose for your little one, there’s a secret friend hidden in the hood for them created with safety, care, and comfort in mind.

Cubcoats, like Sao the Sloth, always has your back!

Lindsey, on behalf of Team Cubcoats

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