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  • Meet the New Cubcoats Pack

    At Cubcoats, we strive to make our individual characters as unique as the kids who wear them. Each Cubcoats signature character has a different personality with a strength, a weakness, and even a favorite food!...

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  • Play it Safe with Sao the Sloth

    If you haven’t heard already, let's take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of our Signature Cubcoats pack: Sao the Sloth! Sao loves to take things slow. Slow cooking, slow living, being...

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  • Secret Friend, Secret Boost of Confidence

    Back to School season is upon us! Time for brand-new backpacks, fresh crayons and for some, a whole-new place to explore and people to meet... which can be really scary.

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  • 5 Tips For First Day Outfits

    It’s the first day back at school, a mixture of excitement and anxiety is flowing through most children this time of year. If the memory of this feeling doesn’t come back to you, try imagining...

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  • The Grow Up is Real

    It’s hard to believe that Cubcoats launched only a little over a year ago. So much has changed here at HQ. Not only have we moved offices four times since launch, our team has grown...

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