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Happy National Preschool Fitness Day! Okay, so probably not a holiday highlighted and underlined on your calendar, but we here at Cubcoats are excited and want you to be too as we celebrate with our fitness guru Cub, Tomo the Tiger.

The Department of Health and Human Services say that children and adolescents age 6 and older need at least an hour a day of physical activity.* This is why we are pumped to get pumped up!

Each of our Signature Cubs were designed with a unique personality to help spread positive messages for kids and our Tomo is all about making “exercise fun and together we’ll stay fit!” We want to help you as a parent get your little Cub up and moving so they can lead happier and healthier lives–which is why Tomo the Tiger is starting to host family friendly workouts and stretches everyone can do together periodically on our Instagram!

What better way to kick it off than on National Preschool Fitness Day? Today Tomo the Tiger will be teaching you Five Animal Stretches for Kids––Five simple, yet effective actions that young and old can do together to get your bodies moving, bond on a Friday night, and hopefully have some laughs!

Downward Dog

Bend down and place your palms flat on the ground. Straighten your legs, relax your head and neck, and look down between your legs to create an upside-down V shape!

Cobra Pose

Lie on your tummy, place palms flat next to your shoulders, press into hands, lift head and shoulders off ground, and hiss like a snake.

Butterfly Stretch

Sit on your booty with a tall spine, bend your legs, place the soles of your feet together, and gently flap your legs like the wings of a butterfly

Cat Pose

Come to an all-fours position, round your back, and tuck your chin into your chest. Pretend to be a kitty cat.

Cow Pose

On all fours, look up, arch your back, and open your chest. Mooing optional!

To further promote fitness for all, you can download our FREE Tomo the Tiger eBook by visiting our Meet The Cubs page where Tomo encourages all to “Get up and tigers groove.” You can also take 35% OFF a purchase of Tomo the Tiger TODAY ONLY with code TOMO35.

See you on the playground!

Lindsey, on behalf of Team Cubcoats

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