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It’s the first day back at school, a mixture of excitement and anxiety is flowing through most children this time of year. If the memory of this feeling doesn’t come back to you, try imagining the first day at a new job or meeting the parents of your significant other for the first time. You want to be liked, you want to be genuine to yourself, you want to make a good impression, and you want to look good.

Of course what’s on the inside is vastly more important than what’s on the outside; but if you feel good about how you look on the outside, odds are it’s going to make you more confident and happier on the inside. We often forget the same principle applies to kids and the first day back at school is the pinnacle of making a good first impression in a kid’s world.

Now this doesn’t mean kids need a completely new wardrobe every year, here are five easy style tips for this back to school season.

1. Bright, bold colors are in!

Especially when paired with lighter, complimentary pieces. A dynamic colored top with light jeans or leggings is the perfect way to make a statement.

2. Accessorize, for both girls and boys.

A bracelet or wristband souvenir from summer vacation, hair pieces like barrettes or thick bobby pins, colorful socks peeking out or all the way up to the knee--sometimes the smallest details make the loudest noise.

3. Cute, but comfy.

Style shouldn’t mean stiff, kids still need to be able to run around on the playground, sit comfortably for reading time, and move easily throughout the day. Lots of comfortable, breathable fabrics are in right now like terry, natural cotton, and linen.

4. One new piece can make all the difference.

A backpack with your child’s favorite television character on it, brand-new kicks, or a Cubcoat can inspire confidence. Our new Marvel’s Hulk Cubcoat is all about finding your inner strength and for those first day of school jitters, a secret friend is hidden in the hood for comfort.

5. Smile!

Easy as that, the best piece that matches any outfit or style is a smile. Even a small grin that activates those upwards mouth muscles can trick the brain from anxiety to excitement and calm nerves. So tell jokes or listen to a favorite song while driving to school!

In reality, the first day back is just one day out of the entire school year. What you wear should inspire you to be the best you, you can be ... for all the class to see!

Lindsey, on behalf of Team Cubcoats

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