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At Cubcoats, we strive to make our individual characters as unique as the kids who wear them. Each Cubcoats signature character has a different personality with a strength, a weakness, and even a favorite food!

Take the time to get to know all of our Cubcoats friends and what makes each of them special - Perhaps you’ll find a new friend you’ll want to take home!

First up is our thoughtful new cub, Sao the Sloth! He loves pasta and his weakness is being slow. Taking his time slurping up those noodles can frustrate some people; but slowness is also his strength! In this fast paced world we all need that friend to remind us to enjoy the small moments in life and the qualities that make us all unique.

Bori the Bear is the leader of the Cubcoats pack! She loves leading the team on adventures throughout Cubcoat Island. However, she deals with her own struggles when she feels she needs to be strong for everyone else and can be a little too serious at times. Nothing a sweet pot of honey can’t fix though!

Flynn is the most creative fox you have ever met! She loves inventing new things and because of this can often become a bit self-absorbed in her latest project. But she will always listen to your clever ideas over a bowl of berries.

Pimm the Pup is the name, curiosity is the game! This pup loves to explore and find great discoveries ... which can also create huge messes. Clean up time while we enjoy some crunchy biscuits?

Paws-itively the most positive kitten around, Kali the Kitty loves to cheer on her friends with her optimistic nature and love of cupcakes! Like all of us she has insecurities she tries to smile away, but sometimes needs to face head on.

Papo the Panda has the biggest heart and spreads kindness all around Cubcoat Island. Is is always munching on bamboo? Perhaps, and it might take him a minute to laugh at a joke, but he is always around to listen and comfort.

Strong in sports and fast on his feet, Tomo the Tiger wants to pump you up! Sometimes can get a little full of himself, but he just wants everyone to take care of themselves on the outside and within. Want to grab a milkshake after recess?

Uki the Unicorn wants to make everything pretty! Pop of color here, sparkle there, she loves to add an artist touch to anything in her path. Even her favorite food jelly beans come in every shade of the rainbow. Her weakness? Deciding which one!

Rekka is one resourceful raccoon, he enjoys encouraging his friends to use the world around them and context clues to solve problems first. Can be a little mischievous which you would expect from raccoon, but did you know how much this guy loves popcorn?!

Poised, graceful, and prepared for it all is Nell the Narwhal. The only thing that makes her lose her composure is being tickled and a bowl full of yummy cherries. Making her big splash, meet the newest Cubcoats signature character!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our pack, we hope you find a friend just for you!

Lindsey, on behalf of Team Cubcoats

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